DNS setup

What is the best way to setup DNS for

  1. A shared IP
  2. A dedicated IP

I’m currently in a test environment so I can’t have multiple nameservers (I.e. something acting as a slave).

Should I simply setup the ‘*’ to point to this test server’s address on the public name servers?

What should the ‘Servers’ entry be for the resolv.conf file? Right now I have it for ‘locahost’.


Hi Tony,

While I’m not entirely certain I understand what you’re asking, a lot of people assign two IP’s to one server for DNS/nameserver use.

You’d just setup BIND to listen on all interfaces on the server, so it’ll handle all DNS requests.

That handles the registrars requirement that you use two nameservers for the domain – they’re not going to know that they’re on the same server.

At that point, since you’d be running BIND on your local system in the above setup, you’d keep the “localhost” in your resolv.conf file.