DNS setup problem with virtualmin

I have clicked on the webmin part of virtual min and have set up a dns zone in bind adding up to 11 records…

my zone file looks like this

$ttl 38400
@	IN	SOA	fshzimbra. fshzimbra.hotmail.com. (
			38400 )
@	IN	NS	fshzimbra.
zimbratest.lan.	IN	TXT	"v=spf1 a mx a:zimbratest.lan ip4: ?all"
zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
www.zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
ftp.zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
m.zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
localhost.zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
webmail.zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
mail.zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
admin.zimbratest.lan.	IN	A
zimbratest.lan.	IN	MX	5 mail.zimbratest.lan.

I can only ping zimbratest.lan

I cant’t ping say ftp.zimbratest.lan and so on

What am i missing.



You’ll need to make sure that you restarted BIND after adding those records (there should be an “Apply” button in there somewhere).

Also, that would only work if the machine you’re doing the ping from is using that server as a DNS server.


Thank you.

I also had something called use dnsmasq for dns on in the router. Once I unchecked that … It began to use the correct dns servers in the listed order.

dnsmasq is a lightweight dns and dhcp server for a small lan network and can conflict with full blown BIND. I use it on my small home server and it’s fast for such situation.