DNS settings query

I have just installed virtualmin 3.74.gpl on a new machine, having used version 1.91 for many years.

There are a couple of settings that I cannot find how to change, and would appreciate pointers.

  1. I need to set up a specific address to allow zone transfers from, instead of the actual name server addresses. In Webmin/Bind/Zone defaults, I added the IP address to the Allow Transfers From box and checked “Listed”. This added an allow-transfer section to the globale options in named.conf. However, all zones created from virtualmin are being given their own allow-transfer section with, localnets and the three specific additional nameservers that I set up in the BIND section of Server Templates. How can I prevent the zones being given their own allow-transfer section?

  2. Is there a setting to allow zone files to be created with relative hostnames by default, rather than putting FQDNs in everywhere? I would much rather have this:

@ IN A

www IN A

than this:

mydomain.com. IN A

www.mydomain.com. IN A

Thank in advance for any hints!



I recently had this same problem, here’s what I did.

  1. Go to: “System Settings” > “Server Templates” > “Default Settings” > “Bind DNS domain”

  2. Set “Additional named.conf directives” to “Directives below…”

  3. Leave the box below blank

  4. Uncheck “also notify” and “allow transfer”

  5. Save the settings, and zone specific settings should no longer be set.

– Peter

*** these are the settings I used in Virtualmin GPL 3.73 as 3.74 is not available from Virtualmin.com as of yet. ***

Great, thanks, Peter.

I don’t know why I missed the “allow transfer” check box, which I think is the main thing I want.

Did you find that your steps 2 and 3 behaved differently from just leaving “Additional named.conf directives” as “None”?



Well, I originally had setup directives in the box below “Additional…”

Upon disabling the feature, it seemed that Virtualmin wouldn’t stop adding the previous directives. I searched far and wide to find out why this this was happening, and after using “re-check config” it still didn’t seem to stop.

So I finally just enabled the feature, but kept everything blank which seemed to fix the problem.

Setting it to “None” may work, however I did what I needed to do in order to get my copy working correctly.

*** I think somewhere the old config data was being cached either in a file or memory. This may be a bug which I’m sure will get squashed in future releases ***

– Peter