DNS settings for Centos 6.3

Ladies / Gents

I know this has probably been covered 1000 times before but I am too thick to get my head around it.

What settings do I need and where for:-

Google DNS ( or Open DNS (not fussed either way)
server name is name.domain.tld
internal IP is x.x.x.19

I don’t want the server to be a DNS Server (unless it has to be), I just want it to bloody work!#!

issues I’m having:-

some PHP scripts say the server is not correctly configured to find itself.
SSH takes ages to log in, error logs suggest DNS errors.
/phpmyadmin not working with a 500 server error (see separate post)
roundcube not working after installation from script.

All came about after moving from old server (.254) to new server (.19) using the backup and restore method suggested.

Thanks for your time and I apologise if the answer is a copy and paste, but the more I search, the further away I seem to get!



Google offers DNS server services? That’s new to me… Anyway, you either need to set up your box as nameserver, or use that of your hosting provider or a third-party one. In the latter case, have it point your desired domain names to your server’s IP.

I don’t really know what else to write at the moment, without knowing more details about your precise problem and intended setup.