DNS server info not saving between reboots

For some reason the network configuration > Hostname and DNS Client > DNS servers isn’t persisting true reboots, so i have to enter localhost ( as a dns server after every reboot.

any ideas on why this is happening? … other changes are saved.
the server is running ubuntu 10.04.


If you’re using DHCP to obtain your IP address, DHCP may reset /etc/resolv.conf each time it obtains an IP address. Editing the dhclient config file in /etc, you can set it to not do that.

There’s a few ways listed here for accomplishing that, I suggestion option #3:


no im not running a DHCP server on that system … only using the one in the rauter.

Well, not a DHCP server, but a DHCP client – does your server have a static IP, or does it obtain it’s IP address via a DHCP server?

Is there any chance you could post your /etc/network/interfaces file?