DNS Server, im stuck

Hello all, i hope someone can help me… i have more than 1 week trying to make this work but…
First My Scenario:

I have:

My two servers are clustered, so when i add 1 client in one server the dns zones are replicated to the other server.

I bought a new vps, and i call it server3.mydomain.com in this server i installed virtualmin and is running perfectly, i want to add ns3.mydomain.com and ns4.mydomain.com to this server, BUT i dont want to host mydomain.com to it (because it is already hosted in server1) I DONT want to cluster this server to the others, i want it independent… so when i add a new client to this new virtualmin server they add ns3.mydomain.com and ns4.mydomain.com to his domain…

mydomain.com is a godaddy domain.

I already add a host ns3.mydomain.com and ns4.mydomain.com pointing to the ips of my virtualmin server,

And in Virtualmin i clicked on "Webmin>>Servers>>BIND DNS Server>>Create master zone>>

Then i clicked on “Address Records” and i put:

  • Name: leaved it blank
  • Address: My Virtualmin ip1
  • Clicked in “Create” Button

Then i clicked in “Return to zone list”

Then i clicked on “Address Records” again and i put:

  • Name: ns3
  • Address: My Virtualmin ip1
  • Clicked in “Create” Button
  • Virtualmin created a record called “ns3.server3.mydomain.com” so i clicked on it to edit and change it to “ns3.mydomain.com”.

(Im only trying to setup ns3.mydomain.com to make it work then, when it work i will to create the 2nd dns ns4.mydomain.com)

Its Not Working, what im doing wrong?

Can somebody help me?


To do any tests from my end here, it would be required to know the actual domain names and IP addresses in question, and to know what “it does not work” means precisely. This topic is too complex to just guess what could be wrong. :slight_smile: