Dns server config question

I would like to setup two dns servers in remote lications thst are managed by my main server virtualmin. My main virt server is my current webserver. So I would like to be able to make DNS entries for an account in my primary virtualman and it will populate those DNS changes in account changes to the other two remote locations so that I don’t have to separately log into those other two servers to have DNS changes propagate back. If I’m not making myself clear please let me know and I will explain it further :slight_smile:

Are you talking about a secondary?

To add to this, you can have as many additional DNS servers as you like configured this way, though two is generally sufficient.

In higher demand deployments, I frequently will set the Virtualmin server up with BIND only accessible to the other servers, and let clients use those. (Of course, one could also use Cloudmin Pro and not have local DNS, at all, but BIND isn’t big or demanding, especially when it’s not actually providing any service other than transfers to the production name servers, so I don’t think one would need Cloudmin Pro for just this thing, it’s just one of the things it can do.)

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