DNS Serial number generation

When it generates the dns serial number it seems to make yy/mm/random? but it seems mxtoolbox f.ex have issues with this when it expects yyyy/mm/random

and it gives the error:
karsyn.ns.cloudflare.com reported Serial 2302637494 : Serial year was 2302 which is in the future.

or this is of no issue?

who is managing the dns ?
what OS are you using ?
what version of webmin are you using ?
if installed, what version of virtualmin are you using ?
are all packages up to date ?
it is impossible to help without the above information

didn’t see cloudflare in the first post … so I guess you can ignore it…

sorry. seems my copy paste got left behind…

|OS type and version | Ubuntu 22.04.2|
|Webmin version | 2.013|
|Virtualmin version | 7.5 Pro|

all up to date

You can choose whatever format you want in Webmin’s BIND module.

But, that’s a bug that they’re treating serial number like a date. mxtoolbox is wrong. Any number is valid for a serial number as long as it increases each time there is a change. I would ignore it.

I mean, if you like it to be a date, you can certainly make it a date, but it’s nobody’s business but yours what serial number format you use.

mxtoolbox reports a warning, it’s not an error.

Typically I use the normal format 2022(year)02(month)02(day)01(Revision number)
2202020201 - Each time you modify the last two numbers will change.