DNS & Reverse


How to setup a new virtual host with a IP-FailOver & the the real reverse name ?

The DNS template never uses the reverse name for an additional IP. It always put the same reverse name for all IP (virtual & physic)
I have severals IPFailover on my dedicated server and would like to be able to got the correct reverse name for each IP.

     IN      NS      ns.nameserver.com.
     IN      A       StaticIP

If I specify an other IP (ip-Failover), I got the same ns nameserver

     IN      NS      ns.nameserver.com.
     IN      A       IP-Failover1

The good result for me should be

     IN      NS    IP-FailOver1-ReverseName.
     IN      A      IP-FailOver1

     IN      NS    IP-FailOver2-Reversename.
     IN      A      IP-FailOver2


If someone could help me pse.

Sorry for my english !!