DNS Registration Warning

Hello all,
Suddenly Virtualmin giving me this error

My domain is already renewed. Does anyone know anything about this error?

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I am getting the same alert about a domain which had been added as a virtual server alias and has not been renewed.

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I also have this problem and it doesn’t make any sense. There’s no actionable link in the error.

How could there be a link? Domain registration is generally out of the control of Virtualmin. (There is a domain registration plugin, but it only supports a few registrars and I don’t know how common its use is…most folks, if they’re reselling domains, have it in their billing system rather than in Virtualmin.)

A link to a “here’s what we’re talking about when we show you an ambiguous error that doesn’t make sense.”

Then why does Virtualmin care? The domain in question is not out of date, nor expired. Where is Virtualmin getting this information?

If it’s not expired, or expiring soon, that’d be a problem. How wrong is it? Was it renewed, like, yesterday, or was it renewed weeks+ ago?

Well, I know that registration is what’s caused this. I renewed on the 24th but I believe it had lapsed by one day. The strange thing is that the registrar shows a purchase on the 24th, but the domain expires on the 26th of May (today) 2025. Clearly this is the source of the problem…

But, it is renewed, so I’m trying to figure out how Virtualmin gets this information and how to reset it if I need to do it manually.

Virtualmin queries the whois database, which may take a little while to update. And, I’m no sure how often Virtuamin checks it. It may only be daily or something. You shouldn’t need to do anything…if the domain is no longer expired, the error should go away, though I don’t know how long it’ll take. Running the validation for that domain might clear it immediately, I’m not sure.

I’ll give it a few days. Coincidentally, as we are typing back and forth, apache2 just went down for the same domain and all of its sub-domains with a 500 error, so … more troubleshooting in the next hour or so.

Simple solution for me is to Backup the Virtual Server + Database
Delete the Virtual Server and Recreate and Restore from the backup.

Problem Solved.

I’m glad the backup and restore process is “simple”, but that seems wildly overkill for what is surely just a cache invalidation issue (and I’m pretty sure will clear on its own after a short time).

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Yes i know this is not the proper solution but it did the trick for me

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