DNS Record - How does this work in VM

$ttl 38400
@	IN	SOA	vps.example1.com. root.vps.example1.com. (
			38400 )
@	IN	NS	vps.example1.com.
example2.com	IN	A	MyIPv4
www.example2.com	IN	A	MyIPv4
ftp.example2.com	IN	A	MyIPv4
m.example2.com	IN	A	MyIPv4
localhost.example2.com	IN	A
webmail.example2.com	IN	A	MyIPv4
admin.example2.com	IN	A	MyIPv4
mail.example2.com	IN	A	MyIPv4
example2.com		IN	MX	5 mail.example2.com
example2.com		IN	TXT	"v=spf1 a mx a:example2 ip4:MyIPv4 ip4:MyIPv4 ?all"
202004._domainkey.example2.com	IN	TXT	( "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; t=s; p=mykey" )

I’m trying to understand how the DNS Record works here since I’m trying to fix my FQDN that wasn’t available at time of install. I’m using Cloudflare as my DNH host. So Cloudflare points to my domain by IP, what happens from here? Is this the record that tells where to look from here once cloudflare directs my visitor here. Also, from looking at the DNS record should I be able to go to webmail.example2.com and access my webmail or would I need to have my own DNS server to do this.


As you are using Cloudflare and not your own DNS server on your Virtualmin system, you will have to configure Cloudflare to mirror the zone that you have listed. Only then will you be able to use URLs like webmail.example2.com

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