DNS outside of Virtualmin


Is it possible to have Virtualmin communicate with our DNS server outside of Virtualmin? We currently have a BIND server set and wondering if we need to use BIND within Virtualmin or if we can tell Virtualmin about our separate/external BIND server.



Well, what’s your goal… do you have a DNS server that you want to manually add records to, and use that for your server’s primary DNS server? If so, no problem, you can just disable the “DNS Domain” feature in Virtualmin.

If you want Virtualmin to be able to automatically add records to your DNS server – that can only work if Webmin is running on your DNS server, as the DNS zones first need to be added before BIND is able to transfer DNS records. However, if you’re running Webmin on your DNS servers, that would work quite well.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response. We have no problem adding Webmin to our DNS server if that is all that it takes. However, if I do go that route, how do I tell the Virtualmin server to add the records to that server instead of itself?


What you’d essentially be doing is using your Virtualmin server as the master DNS server, and your remote DNS servers would be slaves.

Note that the Virtualmin DNS server can remain hidden – it does not need to be configured as a “nameserver” for your domain. It just means it’s the authoritative server and supplies the other ones with the IP address data.

This document here describes the process of setting up a DNS slave:


Awesome, thanks!