DNS options are not in the web interface DISPLAYED

Hey guys my name is Benjamin.

I have a technical problem and a small question for you.

Today I was so taken with the DNS and everything goes but the option is not in the web interface Showing what is the mistake I hope I get a quick response.


Can you please elaborate the question, I didn’t really understand it. What is missing where exactly? A screenshot might help.

Hey, I asked my friend what I should answer.

Write that you have set up a DNS cluster in Virtualmin, and you from the customer (= customer) View the DNS settings can ONLY in the Webmin change part / Part of Virtualmin, and NOT enable this option in the Virtualmin part / Part is visible.

I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say… Please ask your friend to make a screenshot, or maybe someone else understands what you mean.

Sorry for the bad English before. I’ve setted Up an DNS Cluster within Virtual with 2 Redudant Machines. Now my Customers only can edit the DNS Options on the Webmin Part under Servers. But I’ve already saw some Systems with the DNS Settings in Front on the Virtualmin Interface of the Customers.