DNS Not resolving for one virtual server

Debian Linux 10 REQUIRED
Webmin version 1.999 REQUIRED
Virtualmin version 7.1-1 REQUIRED
Related packages SUGGESTED

I have 40 virtual servers running on my Virtualmin server, however the DNS is not resolving for just one of the virtual servers. It was fine yesterday and this morning I noticed that I was unable to access this one domain roguevalleydigital.com.

Everything is running and I have restarted the Virtualmin server and also bind9.

Using whatsmydns.net I see that all the other virtual servers are resolving, it just seems to be this one domain (and all it’s sub-domains).

Any suggestions are appreciated.


SOLVED: I noticed that there were no NS records for this domain. Adding them resolved the issue - HOWEVER - I’ve had this domain setup and running on this Virtualmin server for at least 2 years and access it daily. How is it possible that all of a sudden the NS records are not there, and only for this one virtual server / domain?

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