DNS master to slave zone configuration PUSH

Hello Folks!

I have a big DNS master server which constantly changes and forces us to sit and add/modify/remove slave zone configuration manually, and the slaves are many.

The slaves have never had webmin/virtualmin installed on them.

If I remove all old zone configuration on the slaves and install webmin/virtualmin on them, can the master (which has webmin installed) server then PUSH the zone configuration automatically to the slaves so all comes synchronized and keeps being so ?

Or do I need to sit on the master and recreate all to make it be pushed out to the slaves ?

Any suggestions ?

It’s sufficient to install Webmin on your slaves (Virtualmin is not required) if they’re to act only as DNS slaves and are not hosting websites / master zones themselves. You can then add them first as Webmin linked servers and then as DNS Cluster Slave servers to your master Virtualmin. When adding them as Cluster Slave, you have the option to create all master zones on the slave at that moment, and to afterwards auto-create further newly created master zones on the slave.