dns issues

Hey guys,

Ive setup some custom records to be created during a new server creation but its not making my custom MX records as ive told it to.

I have the following in my “Bind dns records for new domains” section

autoconfig.${$DOM}. IN CNAME autodiscover.webtastix.net.
_autodiscover._tcp.${DOM}. IN SRV 0 100 443 autodiscover.webtastix.net.
${$DOM}. IN MX 10 mx1.webtastix.net.
${$DOM}. IN MX 10 mx2.webtastix.net.

it makes the first 2 fine, but the MX records don’t get created

Also am I able to stop some of the detault records being created?
Im trying to get rid of the mail.dom webmail.dom admin.dom
also the default mx record needs to be replaced with the above 2


Ok, hadn’t noticed the Typo on the ${$DOM}. bit, it works fine as ${DOM}.

The second part of my query still stands :slight_smile: