DNS issues.


I used to use webmin for my site, but thought I would give Virtualmin a try (and first impressions are fantastic)

I do however have one problem.

With BIND on webmin I had two nameservers set up (copy and pasted from the backup file)

ns1.442forums.net. IN A
ns2.442forums.net. IN A

I cant work out, how to set these up with Virtialmin.

I think I have DNs issues (Report from checkdns.net)

" NS list mismatch: registration authority reports that domain is hosted on the following servers: ‘ns1.442forums.net; ns2.442forums.net’, but DNS server ns1.442forums.net reports domain to be hosted on ‘forum442’. Please make sure that you configure the same DNS servers in registrar database and on your DNS"

So I figure I have to set up the ns1 / ns2 again.

DNS is a new thing for me, so any help would be great.

Thanks in advance