DNS issue

For some reason I can’t get my head around how to setup DNS records. Half the time I get them correct and perfect and then somewhere I screw up and can’t figure it out. Most of the time with web panels the DNS stuff is pretty much taken care of for you. But this is my situation.

I have several VPS’s I use for hosting and reselling. All of them use WHM/cpanel. I’ve had good luck managing them over the years and have never had any loss or problems. I have a very good VPS provider that doesn’t oversell and has impecible support. Anyway I wanted to play around with some more web panels, since there are so many out there. I’m actually going down the list and will try them all out. I’ve already tried Plaxo-Mr, Plesk, CentosWeb, and now I’m on Virtualmin. I always use Centos OS V6 32bit.

I don’t care if my IP gets out or domains, since these are all for testing the VPS gets shut off or reinstalled daily. Here is what’s happening.
The hostname is suppose to be ‘host.deligny.us’. So I go into the hostname and DNS client area. Gives me options for hostname, which is correct and then drop downs for resolution order. I just leave it at HOSTS and DNS. My DNS servers at my registar are ns1.deligny.us and ns2.deligny.us. Where do I enter the hostname itself and my two DNS servers? On that page it shows Google DNS servers, but I know somewhere I need to add my NS1 and NS2 servers and host.deligny.us so they resolve properly. I also want to use deligny,us as a domain itself after I get all this DNS stuff taken care of. When I log into the terminal and check hostname -f it comes back with host.deligny.us so I’m on the right path with the VPS, just having issues with the software. I use to run my sites with LAMP all through the command line, but since I’m older I forgot a lot of the command and really tired of editing files all day. I know this is probably all related to the network configuration and DNS stuff withiin Virtualmin. Is there anyone that would be able to point me in the right direction? I do have a feeling everything is in the BIND DNS SERVER area and that’s where I get all confused.

Right now I have
Root zone

What are all those zones for, and which ones do I really need. Can they consolidated to one zone? Sorry for being so nieve about BIND and DNS but it never really clicked well in my brain on how to set them up properly. I need to stick in my NS1 and NS2 nameservers somewhere and need to stick in host.deligny.us somewhere, right? Would I add them to something that’s already there or create new? Hey I do appreciate anyone that helps me out with this. I haven’t given up on this web panel, since I do like the layout.

Thanks again.