DNS issue with a .fr domain


I have a problem, when I try the afnic check to see if I my computer is well configured for a given domain name, and then I have the following error message (in french, sorry, this is afnic you know) :

“Le serveur n’écoute pas ou ne répond pas en UDP sur le port 53”

So this message means the server does not listen or answer in UDP with port 53.

Any idea what happened, and how I can make it work?

I guess bind is launched, because webmin tells me it is, even that I do not see named when I do a ps auwww.

But a netstat -natup commande shows me the line :
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 12945/named

Does it mean the named server is configured for port 953? How do I tell it to use port 53 instead? Why 953?