DNS IP problems with cluster slave servers


i just reinstalled Virtualmin on a freshly Debian 6.0 machine (upgraded from Lenny) and restored previous settings. The second server on Virtualmin pro is still on Debian 5.0 and is a slave DNS for the first (Debian 6), and vice-versa

graphical ASCII display of the configuration:

for domains at squeeze: NS1 NS2 squeeze (gpl) <---cluster DNS ---> lenny (pro)

for domains at lenny:
squeeze (gpl) <—cluster DNS —> lenny (pro)

So the transfer of dns zones works perfectly. The only problem is that when I create a server on squeeze and check that created zone using for example intoDNS tool (http://intodns.com) it shows me that both nameservers are squeeze’s IP - see attached image. Previously domains parked at squeeze had correct zones.


I almost copied all (i think) settings from lenny’s virtualmin to squeeze’s virtualmin screen to screen but i don’t know where to set this thing…

any help guys?

Nameserver entries just point to hostnames… Having the same IP for both ns1 and ns2 is a problem with the A records for those hosts. Where are those configured, and what does a dig return for them?

I just noticed that my main domain (which was created first before i started to set up cluster slave dns) was created by virtualmin default records and that’s why it reported the same IP’s for different nameserwers.

Thank You Locutus