DNS Imported from Plesk

I’ve imported my setup from plesk at one hosting provider to a different provider into virtualmin. Everything works great except for the difference in DNS. The plesk host had DNS inside bind, and I was using plesk to maintain the DNS records. With the new hosting provider, they have their own DNS and the interface is good enough for me to use that.

So I’ve switched off DNS in the features area and I even removed some of the DNS related webmin modules.

But I’ve since figured out that the old DNS entries are still there and various processes, ie mail and the backup, are using old values. There is an old “domain.com.au.hosts” file in /etc/bind and it contains the old A records and CNAMEs that used to be in the old DNS.

What is the best way to clean these out? Can I just remove the .hosts files (There are more than one domain there?). Or can I change the way the dns queries work so it isn’t checking the local files anyway?


Howdy – I wouldn’t recommend just removing them.

That said, they also shouldn’t be there if you disabled the DNS feature :slight_smile:

How about this – what happens if you enable the DNS feature, then disable it – do they go a way at that point?


If I try to select the “DIND DNS domain” in Features and Plugins, I get a message saying :

Failed to save enabled features : Virtualmin is configured to setup DNS zones, but this system is not setup to use itself as a DNS server. Either add to the list of DNS servers, or turn off the BIND feature on the module config page.

I’m guessing though that I don’t want to make itself a DNS server, as it’s got the wrong details. Regardless, I added that to the DNS Server, and then turned DNS on and off under Features, but nothing changes.

The odd thing is that it’s got the hosting provider’s two IPs under those DNS settings, but the backup still resolves a domain to the old IP address…


Just as a quick follow up, the domains in question aren’t even on this box any more, which is why it’s causing problems : even mail to the domain gets lost because the IP for the mail server is pointing to itself, not the new server.