DNS Hosting

Just a quick question. I have a few clients that just want DNS hosting and I was wondering if I could just create a new master zone for there domain in the BIND webmin module and set the IP’s of there servers in there? Would this interfear with the virtualmin server in anyway?


that should work fine. Just don’t forget to have them change nameservers.

Virtualmin will happily co-exist with zones outside of its control (just like Apache VirtualHosts not under its control, Postfix virtual domains, and all sorts of things…this is one of the killer features of Virtualmin that are impossible, or at least uncomfortable in other control panels). :wink:

Of course, if you try to add a virtual server in Virtualmin for a zone (or VirtualHost, or virtual mail domain) that already exists, it’ll give an error about the existing configuration, rather than clobber it.