DNS entry in parent domain also in subservers

i wrote a bug report, because i could not create a subserver with it’s DNS entries in the parent domain zone file.

Jamie told me, this is not a bug: its only possible to use the feature “Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain?” (in Subserver Template) together with sub-domains.
The use of subdomains is depreatched (Joe wrote in this forum) and isn’t enabled by default.

So my question:

Is it possible or planned to have the possibility to write DNS entries for subservers also in the parent zone file? Something like this:

TopLevel Server Domain: foo.com
Zone File: foo.com.hosts
Subserver : sub.foo.com
Zone File: : foo.com.hosts

I need this feature because my third party Secondary DNS doesn’t accept notify for Subzones.

Thank’s and best regards

I’ll second this request. Having sub-server DNS in separate files makes slave DNS a much bigger job. Most slave DNS services charge per slave as well.

Right now I have resorted to manually adding the sub-server DNS entries to the parent, and telling Virtualmin to not create them.

Can someone actually explain what the “Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain?” setting does? It is only enabled when one has “Add SPF DNS record?” set to Yes, which I can’t make any sense of.

What do SPF records have to do with where sub-domain DNS records are located?

It seems like this feature is not working right, or maybe I just don’t get it.


@markedwards: I was wondering the same thing. Creating sub-server wasn’t working until I checked “Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain?” option.

I posted a solution that worked for me at: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/9546

Search for the comment posted on June 26, 2009 and titled “Solution - Edit sub-server template”.