DNS entries with Registrar

Hi guys,

After searching around the forums, I figured I would ask:

I have a shiney new copy of virtualmin running on my vps with Bind installed and working. When I set out to create to virtual servers with the DNS Zones box checked, what do I tell my domain registrar (godaddy) regarding DNS entries.

I tried entering in the IP address of my web server with no luck. I had to manually set the A host and CNames at the registrar to get the website resolving. But this seems redundant. I have Bind running on Virtualmin, how can I tell godaddy to use that for things like spf, cnames, mx etc?

This link helped!


In particular…
"Secondly, if you plan on using this name server to provide name service on a domain name, your name server must be registered by the various TLD Registries - VeriSign - COM/NET, PIR - ORG, NEULEVEL - .BIZ etc.

Depending on your setup, there are a few ways to do this. If you own a domain name, lets say example.com and you wish to create ns1.example.com, this must be done by contacting your Domain registrar and having them register the hostname as a valid name server. If you are not sure who your Registrar is simply visit http://www.betterwhois.com and perform a WHOIS lookup on the domain."