DNS entries made by Virtualmin

Ok, I hope I’m posting this in the right forum. I’m not sure how to make virtualmin do what I would like it to do, maybe I’m just overlooking something. Ok, here’s the setup of domains, well an example.

main domain = domain.com
sub domain = mail.domain.com (set up with web mail interface)
sub domain = user.domain.com (set to forward to usermin on port 20000)
sub domain = config.domain.com (forwards to webmin on port 10000)
sub domain = teamspeak.domain.com (Not in virtualmin, but a server at another location but in my DNS entries because part of domain.com)
sub domain = wow.domain.com (same setup as teamspeak.domain.com)
second domain of same user (comes up as sub domain) domain.info

Now when I create each sub domain, in virtualmin it puts them into BIND as a totally seperate zone. How can I get it to list any sub domains related to domain.com in the same zone as domain.com? Now I’m not too worried about the domain.info as I can just set that up under a different user so it’s still in it’s own zone. But is there some configuration I’m missing to make all sub domains listed under the main domain?

Normally this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but my backup DNS server is paid by the zone, so I’d like to get everything into one zone that should be in one zone.

Thanks for any help,
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