DNS Confusion - Webserver Using Cloudflare as a remote DNS Instead of Bind9 Local DNS...

I’ve set up a VPS with Virtualmin and have tried to set it up with Cloudflare as the DNS, not using bind9 or any other local DNS system to save some memory and have the CDN advantages.
Basically I just pointed the DNS records on Cloudflare at the server’s ip.

Is this a good idea or have I gone very wrong in my thinking somewhere?

It seems to be working but it is possible that I don’t understand DNS properly as I can’t find anything on google about this and this is my first webserver…


It’s no problem at all to use a third party DNS server… if you want to do that, just make sure that the DNS feature is disabled on your server.

To do that, you can go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and in there you can disable the BIND DNS Server feature.



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