DNS Configuration: Making virtualmin server as nameserver

I’m currently using virtualmin as a development box, and have pointed dev.me.com with an A record to my external IP (the me.com is registered at godaddy, and hosted at hostgator).

Now I want to purchase medev.com and set the nameservers straight to my virtualmin box. How do I go about it?

P.S.: The DNS Documentation FAQ had broken links, and so on…

It sounds like you need to register some nameservers for your server.

If you’re buying medev.com, then you’d may want to setup something like ns1.medev.com and ns2.medev.com, and point them each at your server. You’d need to register each of those as nameservers at GoDaddy’s site. Also, in Virtualmin, you’ll want to add DNS records for them.