DNS Change email address for SOA

In the SOA record the domain email is showing as - root.ns101.example.com

After installing Virtualmin I created two Child Name Servers at my domain register

ns101.example.com 91.121.X.X
ns102.example.com 91.121.X.X

I added both the above to virtual min In -> Virtual server template details (BIND DNS domain)

Additional manually configured nameservers - ns102.example.com

(x) Add nameserver record for this system

Master DNS server hostname

(x)Hostname - ns101.example.com

Then I created a Virtual Server using Virtualmin, Virtualmin generated a dns zone called example.com below are the dns entries for example.com

$ttl 38400
@ IN SOA ns101.example.com. root.ns101.example.com. (
38400 )
@ IN NS ns101.example.com.
@ IN NS ns102.example.com.
example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
www.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
ftp.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
m.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
ns101.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
ns102.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
localhost.example.com. IN A
webmail.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
admin.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
mail.example.com. IN A 91.121.X.X
example.com. IN MX 5 mail.example.com.

I can change the root.ns101.example.com manually but where do I change the settings for the default email address so another email address is used for all domain creation

Many thanks


When logged in do:
Webmin => Servers => DNS Servers => Zone Defaults
There you have “Default email address” fill in the address you require.