DNS BIND options and records not showing up in menu (Solved)

Hi, recently I have enabled the Bind DNS domain feature on Virtualmin 3.84 but when I create a new virtual server it isn’t showing up in the menu on the left under Server Conguration. I can only see it when I login as Master admin.

What exactly are you not seeing when logged in as vserver admin?

Althought I have enabled the DNS domain feature for the virtual server when I click in Server Configuration I can’t see neither DNS Options nor DNS Records so I can’t manage them. This only happens if I am logged as the vserver admin.

Okay, they should be there, also for non-master admin. Maybe you disabled some “Allowed capability” in the assigned Account Plan that is responsible for DNS management, though I’m not sure which one. You might try turning on those that are off, one by one, and see if it helps.

Thanks for your answer, I have enabled all the allowed features in the server but no luck. The bind options still does not show up in the Server Configuration menu. I don’t know what is going on.

Sorry, I have no idea as well here. Maybe Eric can give some useful input. :slight_smile:

I finally found it. In the server template there is a section called Administrator’s Webmin modules. The Bind DNS Server module was checked as no available.