DNS, Apache, Mysql on seperate servers

Hi all,

I would like to ask if it is possible with the GPL version of Virtualmin to achieve what I have on the subject; that is two servers for DNS (I know that this can be done), one for Apache, one for DB/MySQL and a last one for the email.
Adding or deleting an email account should be synced of course.

Thanks in advance.

DNS, yes. MySQL, yes. Easily. (It’s easier with Pro and Cloudmin Connect, though.)

Apache/email realistically probably have to be on the same server as they share users (there are ways around this, but it’d be quite advanced…we wouldn’t be able to help you with it here in the forum, as it’s time-consuming to set up, e.g. LDAP or other database backed users, and there are a number of other side effects to those decisions that are non-trivial to sort out).

Thanks Joe. It’s a shame that email can’t be seperated easy as the email servers are those that need more to isolate due to possible problems (spamming, large mailing lists etc).

Is there a HOWTO or any kind of article about how to use OpenLDAP with all required services of Virtualmin in order to sync accross the users?


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