DNS and DNS Timeout Period

Hi all,

I am trying to get a certain setup up going here.

I have in the resolve.conf (in case of linux) similarly for windows … my dns entries like this.


They are searched in this order.

Keep in mind that this setup is for development purposes so I will not have the virtualmin server on all the time so when I am just online tooling around virtualmin.dns will not be available hence the workstation i am on will move onto the next dns entry in the list when the first fails (cannot be found).

This is perfect for me since i dont have to back and forth changing the dns list each time i want to do some development with virtualmin.

However there is a slight problem and that is to do with how long it takes the workstation to skip the downed dns server. It takes a couple of seconds probably about 2 or something but it is annoyingly long.

My question is, is there away to tweak the dns timeout period so to be shorter so it would not take so long to go to second server?

Better yet can it be done for one particular server as opposed to globally for all?

This would preferably be configurable on a linux or windows work station.

Thanks for your time.