DMARC needs to be setup?

I’m a firm beliver in tweaking as much as I can on the server for optimum mail throughput.

I need to ensure that all the green boxes are ticked when using

however, I see a lot of mail servers not setup correctly.
am I right to try to explain to them that they really should set this up correctly ?
the reason I ask is I’ve told some local companies and they just ignore the “advice” :o)

thanks Brian

first off, postmasters are responsible for their service. they can do whatever they like. not leaving open relays is usually just enough… :smiley:

DMARC helps if you often mail to email monopolies (gmail/outlook). they pay attention to that. some other big players too.
shouldn’t pay much difference with most email providers, but in general it’s another helpful measure if you’re counting on email deliverability…

so imho, DMARC is not a “should do”, rather a “helps with inbox delivery a little bit”.


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First thing I set to green when I install the Virtual Domain. mxtoolbox has alot of help files when things fail also the search the forum, there is alot of discussion.
DMARC is the policy for SPF and DKIM, both of this a produced by Virtualmin not running DNS in the recommended DNS settings. If you running DNS it will produce all 3.
DKIM info

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