DKIM worthwhile? questions...

Hi all,

What do you think, does DKIM work well for you in reducing spam/phishing?

Does it add much server load?

I have a large number of spammers that spoof my domain name - will it help prevent them from doing so (at least when their sending to other dkim enabled servers?).

What I’ve read (er… understand) about it is that it verifies signed emails. But if an email is not signed, but should be (it comes from a domain that normally signs them), does dkim know it should be signed and flag/reject it?

How does this dmarc thing that has been in the news lately fit in?




SpamAssassin already uses DKIM for checking incoming email for spam – any email with a DKIM signature is verified.

Also, if you aren’t using it already, Greylisting can make a huge difference in preventing spam.

Enabling DKIM in Virtualmin just allows other mail servers to authenticate your messages. However, SPF is already enabled, which is providing a means to verify you as well.

Although I’m not super-familiar with dmark, it sounds like it’s a standardized way of handling SPF and DKIM, you can read more about it here:

Got it! Thank you!