DKIM without BIND

I have a setup with a dedicated DNS server, and was wondering if there was a way to enable DKIM with Virtualmin. As far as I can tell, they seem to be inseparable. Any advice?


Well, the problem is that DKIM uses DNS to store the public key of the signatures used in the emails – DNS is how the DKIM signatures added to the emails are actually validated.

So, DKIM and DNS are closely tied – and there isn’t a simple way to have public keys added to a remote DNS server.

Unfortunately, that means that the method Virtualmin supports for handling DKIM is when it can automatically add those DKIM keys to the DNS on your local server.


Hey Eric,

I am familiar with the way DKIM operates on principle. What I was wondering was if there was a way to manually setup DKIM without interfering with Virtualmin’s operation. Or even better, keep Virtualmin’s automation and simply copy and reenter the DKIM keys into my external DNS.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do that.

I can talk to Jamie about how that could be done for a future version of Virtualmin, but with the current version, it expects BIND to be running locally.


The new Cloudmin Services product, which is in beta, can do this for participating Virtualmin systems. You’d need Cloudmin for Physical Servers ($79), plus the Cloudmin Services plugin (which isn’t in the shop yet, but will be in a day or two). If you have five or more Virtualmin Professional licenses, you can get Cloudmin for Physical Servers for free, and the physical servers feature is included in all Cloudmin Professional versions, as well (I think).

We haven’t actually determined how to price and license Cloudmin Services yet, but it will be heavily discounted for the first several months after it goes on sale. Probably 50% off, as we’ve done with Virtualmin and Cloudmin, during their Early Adopter periods.