DKIM error, cant seem to get it working

I cant seem to get DKIM to work. When i send emails to google, yahoo or hotmail none of them show DKIM as valid. When i check it through i get the error

A public-key (p=) is required

in the mail.warn log i get the following errors

Mar 8 22:24:32 webmmg postfix/smtpd[2799]: warning: connect to Milter service inet:localhost:8891: Connection refused
Mar 8 22:32:57 webmmg opendkim[3169]: 3BD22114219: no signature data
Mar 8 23:27:02 webmmg opendkim[6145]: 48307114209: bad signature data

Any help would be great Thanks!


It doesn’t sound like the DKIM Milter service is running. It may just be a matter of starting that up.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, let us know what distro/version you’re using and we can figure out the service name you should be starting.


Hi Andrey, im running Debian 6. I had a look at the header of a test email to yahoo and the error i am getting is domainkeys=neutral (no sig); dkim=permerror (no key)

I ended up just reinstalling and starting from scratch and that has resolved the issue. So I can only assume that it was some setting that I stuffed up along the way.