DKIM and FreeBSD

Is it possible to manually enable support for DKIM in FreeBSD? I understand virtualmin uses for these purposes opendkim, which has already been installed from the ports. Do you plan to support this feature for FreeBSD in the future?
By the way, an error message typo: DomainKeys i_n_dentified mail is not available on this system

Thank you for your answer and Google for the translation :slight_smile:


Until recently, Virtualmin didn’t support opendkim. Opendkim is currently only supported on Linux (and specifically, Ubuntu 12.04).

We’re looking into supporting that on FreeBSD though!


This makes me a very happy man! Thank you kind folks, for doing this for us BSD geeks. :smiley:

Hello all,

needless to say, by nowadays standards, not having this feature is disqualifying BSD as a mail server…
Thanks for keeping us updated…



Yeah, unfortunately, FreeBSD isn’t as well supported by Virtualmin as CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian are.

However, Jamie is working towards DKIM support in FreeBSD :slight_smile:

He’s been doing a lot of FreeBSD work lately in Webmin and Cloudmin, and soon will be Virtualmin.

So, DKIM support in FreeBSD should be here soon!


… has there been any progress accomplished on this very crucial subject for us, BSD-users ?..



There hasn’t been much progress on that thus far – I spoke with Jamie about it just now though, he’s reviewing all that now.


Hi there…
coming back a few months later … any sign of progress ? Any workaround to recommend for those who like me are committed to freebsd for life ?..

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Hello Jamie,

with rarefaction of reverse dns in Europe DKIM is a must today… because every month I have to redeclare my IP is legit at most email providers…
Please, did you achieve any progress on this issue ?
If not I am afraid I won’t be able to continue using virtualmin as a platform for my hostings since many of my services are now tied to freeBSD after so many years…

Thank you so much Jamie