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Running BIND DNS Server on a VPS with 128M of memory is not possible !
Does virtualmin support light weight dns servers such as djbdns ?

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While there’s some long-term plans to work on getting the Virtualmin stack to fit into smaller amounts of RAM, you’re right that 128MB really won’t work today :slight_smile: And unfortunately, it doesn’t have support for djbdns.

At the moment though, you probably want to consider giving it at least 512MB of RAM… and even that can be a bit on the low end depending on the sort of traffic you’re seeing and how things are setup.

However, you may want to take a peek at this, it may offer some help in reducing your memory consumption:

I have read it !
I am working with a (big) vps server provider, currently the best way is to use external dns server such as, consider that RAM is a preciouse resource, the more RAM you have, the more monthly fee you should pay.
I am working on different panels to get the best performance on vps servers. Kloxo has djbdns but it is not on active developement, …

I have had webmin and BIND running on a 128MB VPS for over a year.
After a while I installed virtualmin and had to upgrade to 256MB RAM which is still running fine.
This is a CentOS 5.5 installation in a openVZ container. Xen uses much more RAM.

Mmh, I know this won’t really help in this case, but actually, nowadays RAM should not be such a limiting resource anymore.

I’m operating a physical server (running as VMWare ESXi host) with 12 GB of RAM, and the basic fee for that at my hoster is $90 per month. For $120 per month you get 24 GB of RAM. :slight_smile:

Also, they started offering virtual machines just a few days ago starting at $11 per month for a machine with 512 MB.

So if you’re in any way intending to do “serious” web hosting, those comparable $11 should be worth it. :wink: