Django install-script post-setup


I just installed Django on Virtualmin PRO using the auto script.

It mostly worked well.

Two questions please:

Where do I point the media paths in

Admin uses media path /media/ and visiting this URL Apache shows a dir with css, img and js subdirectories. Where is this dir? Its not in public_html.

Where does the setup-script specify use of mod_python as handler, but excluding /media/ ?

I think the install script should set up a media dir with correct permissions and pre-fill with the paths. Ie a media dir in public_html.

Also, should the Django script put the project in user-root (~), not public_html?

2nd question:

For initial deployment testing and avoiding Apache restarts, where do I setup this?

"Just set MaxRequestsPerChild 1 in your httpd.conf file to force Apache to reload everything for each request." from

Many thanks.

  1. Install Django with Virtualmin setup script
    a. Choose the correct project name (project_name)

  2. Upload source files to public_html/project_name/

  3. Edit with correct paths
    a. (media directories as …/public_html/content/)

  4. Run â

can you please explain how to access uploaded django website?