Display French accent in web pages

Hi everyone,

I just buy i Virtualmin and install on a fresh CentOS 5 install, i installing with the script …

Everthing it’s ok exept when i test the first domain … the web pages canot display a French accent à, ç or é etc … im hosting 30 french web sites …

I search for any setting in Virtualmin/webmin i see nothing about this …

This anybody tell me what i need to change for diplay the accent, if i look in web pages with text editor everything stil ok …

The server as been installing from a Dedicated Hosting Center, i have a root access on everything.

Thank a lots


You can configure Apache to default to a particular language.

Docs are here:


See also LanguagePriority and AddLanguage (though fr is already added in every Apache package that I’m aware of). Basically, if you want the whole system to serve French language files you just need to modify LanguagePriority in the Apache configuration file to put fr first, like this:

LanguagePriority fr en ca cs da de el eo es et he hr it ja ko ltz nl nn no pl pt pt-BR ru sv zh-CN zh-TW