Disk usages are not updating

User disk usages are not updating .

Does it help go to into Limits and Monitoring -> Check Disk Quotas, and click “Check Now”?


already did but no success .
yesterday i setup virtual min in that it was working but today its not working any more no major changes only few user account created and httpd limits increased.


Can you describe what’s not working specifically?

Where are you looking, what are you seeing, and what should it be?


from virtual min quote option i can see no disk user in user accounts
http://hq-warez.com/ONIDcF.jpg check this
but from my ssh i can see 2 user already used more then 5gb http://hq-warez.com/1TnfcL.jpg

disk quote status not updated

If you go into Edit Virtual Server for one of the domains in question, and then click Quotas and Limits, are the numbers listed there under “Total disk space used” correct?


no wrong check http://hq-warez.com/UK6uEC.jpg
even bandwidth also not updated