Disk usage by user for all users


In a virtual server, under Administration Options -> Disk Usage -> By user

I get only the top ten users shown. Is there a way to show all? It would be useful to me as some users have home directories stored in different places for historical reasons. Virtualmin is the only place pulling them all together.


Even the help page for that function explicitly states “top 10 directories”, so I’m guessing that’s hardcoded. Might be worth thinking about making this configurable though, I have to agree. :slight_smile:

Done! Jamie has added a feature to show usage for all users, and not just the top 10, to the next Virtualmin version (3.95).

Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks, that’s great!

Any update on when this is likely to be released? Alternatively, is there a patch I could add to 3.94 just for this feature?

It should be out soon :slight_smile: