Disk Space showing full

I installed Virtualmin and using it for some time now. But today i see that my disk space is full but i only used ~1GB space till now. My server total disk space 15 GB.

Operating system CentOS Linux 5.6
Webmin version 1.570
Virtualmin version 3.89.gpl
GPL Theme version 8.1
Time on server 06/May/2012 07:58
Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.18-308.el5.028stab099.3 on i686 CPU load averages 0.00 (1 min) 0.00 (5 mins) 0.02 (15 mins)
Running processes 45
Real memory 1024 MB total, 357.29 MB used

Local disk space 14.41 GB total, 14.41 GB used

How can i resolve the issue. Which file i need to delete?

Thank you.

You can use the command du -sh *, executed in the root of your HDD and then subdirectories, to check which directories use the most storage space.

We can’t say “which files you need to delete” without knowing which files you have though.