Disk quotas exceeded while there is still enough space


I have a VPS, the hard disk space is 150gb. I am now using only 15 gb with only one virtual server, without any limit on the space and user. But I have a lot of static html pages, about 400 thousands. Right now I can not create html pages any more with that virtual server. It always said that disk quotas exceed when I check the apache error information.

Please help me.

Thank you very much for your any suggestion.



It sounds like there may be some sort of quota set for that particular Virtual Server. I’ve every once in awhile seen a bug where a quota was set when Virtualmin didn’t think there was one… but let’s first take a look at what Virtualmin thinks –

If you go into Edit Virtual Server -> Quotas and Limits, what is both “Total server quota” and “Server administrator’s quota” set to?

And “Home disk space used” – is that what shows the 15GB that you mentioned?