disk quota miscalculation

hello everybody
i am having a problem with a client having 250 MB quota.
under disk usage i have: home directory 4,7 MB, by user 152,48 MB, by sub-server and database 0 bytes.
however, in “overview” i get “Disk space used 237.83 MB” and the client is getting 95% warning emails although he only occupies 158 MB in his /home and has no databases.
how can it be? i also emptied the /tmp directory but still i get those 237 MB. how does virtualmin calculate the quota used? is this a bug or are there some files somewhere that are getting counted for some reason?
what am i gonna say to my client who sees he is using 5 mb for web and 152 for email, that 250 mb seems not to be enough, even though he should have 92 megs free?


Vurtualmin uses the Linux quota tools to determine that information.

Most likely, there’s some files somewhere on the filesystem that are owned by that users UID or GID.

First, you may want to go into Limits and Validation -> Check Disk Quotas, and do a check of both “Users and Groups” to refresh all the data.

If the numbers still aren’t what you’d expect, you might want to use a tool “find” with the -uid or -gid options to search the filesystem for files owned by that user.


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I believe there is a command occasionally executed on the server to update disk quotas.

I forget what it’s called, but I’ll look it up for ya when I get a chance.

(assuming someone else doesn’t answer before hand)


well, i did that “check disk quotas” thing already, but it didn’t change things.
i now did that find command with both uids that domain has, but apart from some tiny files outside the /home directory, nothing else was found.
i dont really know where else to look. i checked some other random clients i host, and those appear to be fine (calculations are correct), but with this one there appears to be some kind of problem…

you can ssh into the server, go to that domain and type du -H

you get the sizes of all dirs in that domain and see where the big files are.
I once had a 64GB logfile in a domain that I had found with this method…

hannibal:/home/foodomain.com# du -sh
158M    .

if there is definitely nothing outside his home dir than this might be worth a support ticket…