Disk Allocation not updating and Load Average problem


I am getting a Load Average Warning almost every day.
It says this: Load average is 5.64.

I could not work out the reason but noticed today in the QUOTAs that my main website
is over 50 % of its disk space allowance.

I tried to increase the disk space from 1 GB to 40 GB and it seemed to update but
when I listed the Quotas again, it still says that only 1GB is allocated.

I don’t know if this is causing my server to run slow and the the Load Average
to go so high.

I would like to get this sorted out because my Forum software goes off line when the Load Average is too high.

Hopefully someone can help.


Load average is a sign of how much CPU or disk IO activity is going on.

If you have a load average of 5.64, that’s suggestions something is going on that’s taking up some resources. Now, that load isn’t particularly high, but it’s worth looking into.

The key would be to start reviewing the processes running on your server, and trying to get an idea of which one(s) are causing problems.

I’d first start by making sure there aren’t a bunch of email messages in your mail queue… you can review that in Webmin -> Servers -> Postfix -> Mail Queue.

If that’s less than 50 or so messages, that’s not likely to be the problem.

At that point, you may want to log into your server via SSH, and run the command “top”. Watch it for a little while, and see if any processes in particular keep showing up at the top of the list. That could potentially be a sign that one process in particular is causing problems.


I thought the problem might be because the VirtualMin overview showed that I had 8 modules to update.

So I clicked the button to run the update - but one of them failed, and now I can not get into
my server using

I have putty - should I use that ?

I am not very familiar with working directly with the server, I tend to rely on the VirtualMin.

I have putty - should I use that ?

Yeah – I’d follow the update instructions I mentioned over here to try and fix all that:


Using Putty will work perfectly!