Disc space issue, need to delete user via ssh?

Hi all,

This morning we started having issues with a sever not working.

I logged into virtualmin and got this message:

“Failed to open /etc/webmin/webmin/oscache for writing : No space left on device”

There should be lots of room on this server, but check via ssh (dh) found that it’s full.

I’m working on resizing it so I can get back in to manage it…

ah, but a user just called me and said she has downloaded 5000+ spam emails to her desktop and they are still coming in like crazy… oh, that helps with the diagnosis. I must have accidentally set her account size to unlimited.

Ok, so I’m thinking I can go in via ssh and just delete her account. That would delete the spam as well, right? (she’s an email user only, no site files to worry about).

What would I need to enter to delete it via ssh?




Well, you can always run “virtualmin delete-user” on the command line to see the syntax for deleting a user.

If you just want to delete some of that users email though, you could always go into /home/DOMAIN/users/USERNAME/Maildir, and delete some of the extra messages that are in there. Then you could just log into Virtualmin and disable that user’s account until you determine the cause.


Thanks Eric - that was a better idea than mine :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help!


A little hint from my end: To get a detailed overview of what uses up the most disk space, the tool “ncdu” is very nice. It’s a pimped interactive du so to speak. Even has a delete function. :slight_smile: