Disallow Server Owner editing own server settings but manage alias sub-servers?

Hello, I am having trouble finding the right combination of settings to allow a domain owner creation of unlimited sub-servers, but disallow editing of the Server Owner’s Top-level server configuration.

In Edit Owner Limits > Allowed capabilities and features, if I tick the “Can edit virtual server” checkbox, the Server Owner can both edit their own Top-level server settings and all settings of created sub-servers. If I uncheck the option, the Server Owner can not edit either configuration.

I thought I had this setup correctly once, but now can’t seem to get it right again. This is a special use case where the Server Owner has very limited capabilities. In fact, only BIND, Apache, and ProFTPd services are enabled. All I want the Server Owner to be allowed to do is edit sub-server settings, create ftp users for those sub-servers (not created automatically), and change their own password.

At this point though I’m not exactly sure how.

TIA, Rich (netritious)

EDIT: I meant Server Owner, not Domain Owner. Updated the post.

Well sort of…I do believe i was mistaken about this functionality. In addition, when I go and look at what the server owner capabilities actually are when allowed to edit virtual servers, it’s nothing I wouldn’t want the server owner to be able to change…(Password, forwarding address, etc.)

Think I’ve been working to hard. :confused:

Rich (netritious)