Disable Spamassassin on a per domain bassis?

We have an outboard anti-spam pre-processor. I know I can go user-by-user but is there a way to do it by domain?

Also, can it be set in the default template?


In Pro Under Server Configuration Spam and Virus Delivery you can set a whole domain to deliver spam normally to the mail boxes.

It’s not where I want the spam to go, it’s that I don’t want Spamassassin even touching the emails at all.

I don’t want any ratings. headers, etc.

Any way to do that?

Simply go into the VM module under the domain, choose edit virtual server, then under features just disable the spam filtering feature.

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In virtualmin pro (3.55) if you select a virtual server then go to Edit Virtual Server then the last option group is Enabled features. Under there you can uncheck the spam filtering and virus filtering.

Also for new domains you can go to System Settings -> Features and Plugins then disable completely spam and virus features or just make them non-default for new domains.

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