Disable Spamassassin in virtualmin GPL

Hi all !!

I’m using a external spam filter for my server. How I can disable spamassassin in virtualmin gpl to save resources ?

Thanks in advance and thanks again to the virtualmin/webmin developer for his work.


It’s in module config and the templates – I’m surprised you never saw that in the menus.

Actually Virtualmin GPL doesn’t handle SpamAssassin or ClamAV in current versions.

However, beginning in 3.58, the Spam/AV tools are coming to Virtualmin GPL.

In the meantime, you’ve probably set it up on your own, maybe using the Webmin SpamAssassin module. In which case, you’d just want to delete the related rules in /etc/procmailrc and possibly shutdown the SpamAssassin daemon.

Thanks to all for your answers.