Disable PHP on a site basis


It’s great that Virtualmin has a heap of configuration options and support for a wide range of options, but it strikes me as curious that there’s no way to turn off PHP support on a site per site basis.

I’m building a new complex environment, but we don’t use PHP, just Ruby on Rails, so I don’t need the extra PHP cruft that’s added to every web site file, together with additional FPM or FCGI processes for every site just sitting there chewing up my server’s resources.

It would be really great if there were an additional PHP Mode such as “none” in addition to “fpm” and “fcgi” to just skip all the PHP configuration being generated.

Of course, my other concern is that it leaves open a potential security vulnerability. If someone manages to get a PHP file onto the site, then they’ve got access to the PHP interpreter, whereas normally I wouldn’t have to worry about this because PHP just wouldn’t exist.